What Haggles Would you be able to Use on Your Freelander?

Since a Freelander is a 4×4 vehicle the sort of haggles you use are critical to guarantee you do no harm to the drive train.

Suggested Tire Sizes

The suggested tire sizes for a Freelander 1 (1998 – 2006) are:

15 inch wheels: 195/80 R15

16 inch wheels: 215/65 R16

17 inch wheels: 235/55 R17

18 inch wheels: 235/50 R18

19 inch wheels: 245/45 R19

20 inch wheels: 245/40 R20

22 inch wheels: 295/30 R22

Despite the fact that we don’t go over numerous Freelanders with 22 inch wheels!

For the Freelander 2 (2006 onwards) the prescribed tire sizes are:

16 inch wheels: 215/75 R16

17 inch wheels: 235/65 R17

18 inch wheels: 235/60 R18

19 inch wheels: 235/55 R19

20 inch wheels: 275/40 R20

22 inch wheels: 265/35 R22

What do the Tire Size Numbers Mean?

Albeit a large number of us are very used to requesting tires by their numbers, and realize they are significant, we don’t all comprehend what they mean.

On the off chance that we take the 16 inch wheels for a Freelander 1 the tires ought to be:

215/65 R16

The main number, 215, is the width of the tire in mm from side divider to side divider when it isn’t focused and you are taking a gander at it from the top. The specialized name is the area width.

The subsequent number, 65, is the proportion of the tallness of the tire sidewall communicated as a level of the width. The specialized name is the viewpoint proportion, or segment stature. For this situation, 65% of 215 mm is 139.75 mm.

The R implies the tire is of a spiral development, this fair implies the line utilizes are orchestrated at 90 degrees to the bearing of movement, or radially (from the focal point of the tire).

The following number, 16, is the width in crawls of the edge of the wheel the tire is intended to fit on. So for this situation it is a tire for a 16 inch wheel.

It is somewhat bizarre that tire sizes blend creeps with mm, however that is how it is finished!

When you take a gander at the size imprinted on the tire this number, for example 215/65 R16, will be trailed by two numbers and a letter. The two numbers are the heap file and the letter is the speed rating. The heap record demonstrates how much weight the tire can take (for a Freelander you need a base burden file of 84 or 85, contingent upon the definite model of Freelander you have) and the speed rating alludes to the speed you can go at for 10 minutes constantly without the tire breaking into pieces.

The speed evaluations are:

Speed Image Max Speed Ability

MPH Km/h

L 120 75

M 130 81

N 140 87

P 150 95

Q 160 100

R 170 105

S 180 113

T 190 118

U 200 125

H 210 130

V 240 150

W 270 168

Y 300 186

Z 240+ 150+

Would you be able to Utilize an Alternate Measured Tire from the Suggested on Your Freelander?

Given the general outline of the wheel with the tire fitted is inside give or take 2.5% of the suggested then you ought not have any issues in fitting diverse tire sizes to your Freelander (despite the fact that the speedometer will peruse somewhat incorrectly). The general boundary is determined from the general breadth.

In the event that the general outline is more than give or take 2.5%, at that point you risk harm to your drive train.

Taking the most widely recognized Freelander tire sizes, here are some elective sizes you could utilize:

195/80 R15 choices are:

205/75 R15 (- 0.87% contrast in boundary)

215/70 R15 (- 1.70% contrast in boundary)

215/75 R15 (+1.47% contrast in boundary)

225/70 R15 (+0.32% contrast in boundary)

235/70 R15 (+2.34% contrast in boundary)

215/65 R16 choices are:

225/65 R16 (+1.76% contrast in boundary)

225/60 R16 (- 1.44% contrast in boundary)

235/60 R16 (+0.28% contrast in boundary)

255/55 R16 (0% contrast in boundary)

215/75 R16 choices are:

225/70 R16 (- 0.83% contrast in boundary)

225/75 R16 (+2.19% contrast in boundary)

235/65 R16 (- 2.19% contrast in boundary)

235/70 R16 (+1.09% contrast in boundary)

255/65 R16 (+1.36% contrast in boundary)

235/65 R17 options are:

245/65 R17 (+1.64% distinction in outline)

255/60 R17 (0% distinction in outline)

265/60 R17 (+1.64% distinction in outline)

275/55 R17 (- 1.52% distinction in outline)

Do recollect that on the off chance that there is a distinction in the outline, at that point your speedometer perusing will be somewhat off-base.

You can check whether it is sheltered to supplant your present tires with some other size by utilizing one of the tire size adding machines accessible, so in the event that you might want to check for yourself, at that point attempt this tire number cruncher.

What number of Tires Would it be advisable for you to Supplant on Your Freelander?

It is constantly prescribed to supplant each of the four tires simultaneously on your Freelander, with a similar make, model and type, so as not to make harm the drive train.

The 4×4 framework on the Freelander 1 is touchy to contrasts in the moving sweep of the tires, and if these vary by more than 5mm you are gambling harm to the drive train, especially to the back differential.

To watch that your tires are not wrapping up your gooey coupling unit (VCU) – the bulbous piece in the focal point of the prop shaft running from the front to the back of your Freelander 1 – which is the center point of sending drive to the back wheels, at that point drive your Freelander for around 5 – 10 miles, at that point get underneath and check the temperature of the VCU. BE Cautious, the VCU can get hot! In the event that the VCU is excessively hot to easily hold your hand on it then you have an issue with your tires, and you should hope to supplanting them Promptly – else you will have an extremely enormous bill for drive train things.

In the event that you do just supplant two tires on your Freelander 1, at that point ensure the new tires go on the back (a similar make, model and type as the front ones) AND check the temperature of the VCU, as above, to ensure it isn’t warming up. Never supplant only one tire on a Freelander.

Somewhat More Specialized Detail on Freelander Tires and Wheels

For those of you who like somewhat more specialized detail on your Freelander tires and wheels here is more data.

For the Freelander 1:

PCD 5 x 114

Balance 35 to 45

Bore 64.1

Fittings N 12 x 1.5

For the Freelander 2:

PCD 5 x 108

Balance 35 to 50

Bore 63.4

Fittings N 14 x 1.5

On the off chance that you don’t comprehend what these mean, here is a short clarification.

PCD is the Pitch Circle Measurement. This is the width, in mm, of a hover drawn through the wheels jolt gaps. It additionally demonstrates the quantity of studs, or jolts, the wheel will have. So the Freelander 1 has 5 jolts and the distance across of a hover drawn through the jolt openings is 114 mm. The Freelander 2 has 5 jolts and a distance across of 108 mm.

The balance is the place the wheel will sit in connection to the body line of the vehicle. Balance is normally stepped on the haggle estimated in millimeters of (et is the short type of the German word ‘Einpresstiefe’ which truly interprets as inclusion profundity). The numbers are basically the separation between the focal point of the haggle center point.

The inside bore of a wheel is the middle which fits over the center point. The drag estimation is the width in mm of the middle bore.

The fittings are the wheel stray pieces required.

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